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Trivia and Frequently Asked Questions

If we strung all of our lights and extension cords end-to-end,
they would reach over 6.5 miles.
For every minute of music, it takes 4 hours to synchronize
the lights to the music.
We use around 800 multi-purpose Christmas light clips to attach
the lights to the house.
We use around 1000 zip ties in various parts of the lights.
The lights do not run off the power from our house any more.
In 2008, we had a separate 200-Amp electrical service
installed just for the lights.
If all the lights were to be turned on at the same time,
they would pull over 350 Amps at 120 Volts.
The work isn't done on the day the show starts.
We test the lights every night and fix the ones that aren't working.
We have had tens of thousands of cars parked in our yard
to watch the light show over the years.
We have had as many as 44 cars in the yard at one time.
Q: How long does it take to put up all of those lights?
A: It takes 4 people about 2 weeks.
Q: How do you make the lights blink and dim, etc.
A: With a computer and special controllers that I built myself.
See for more info.
Q: Where do you get the lights that change color?
A: Our lights don't change color.
Everywhere you think they are changing color,
it is actually 4 strands of lights:
one red, one green, one blue, and one clear.
Dimming one strand off while ramping up another
gives the illusion of changing colors.
Q: How much is your light bill?
A: We have a separate electric service for the lights,
so we know that it runs about $200
for the entire time that the light show runs.
Q: Do lots of cars get stuck in your yard when it gets muddy from rain?
A: Not very many cars get stuck, but quite a few trucks do.
Q: Why is 2012 your last year?
A: There are many reasons, some of them personal.
We have spent half of our vacation for 7 years doing this,
and we're going on vacation next year.
Incandescent lights are getting harder and harder to find,
and replacing all the lights with LEDs would cost over $30,000.
We enjoyed doing this for several years,
but now it's time to do something else.

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