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2007 Show - 40,000 Lights

Construction Detail Pics - Click for Larger Images

Mini Tree
The Mini Trees are made from tomato cages and each have 500 lights on them.
Mega Tree = Daylight
The Mega Tree is held steady by 4 ropes tied to stakes.
The Star on the Mega Tree is made on part of a cattle panel, and consists of 600 lights.
Mega Tree Stakes
The strands of lights on the Mega Tree are wrapped around small stakes at the ground, and double back on themselves.
Mini Trees
The green box under the Mega Tree contains the relays that control both the Mega Tree and the Mini Trees.
Siding Clips - Detail
The lights are held on the house by multi-purpose christmas light hooks jammed in the seams of the siding.
Siding Lights - Rows
Each seam in the siding is holding 1 clear strand and 1 multi-colored strand.
Tune To Sign
The Tune Radio sign - also contains the FM transmitter.


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Lights_2007.wmv - No Music

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